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Search Visualizer and dyslexia: Open question

 The Search Visualizer produces miniature images of documents, and shows the location of your chosen key words within each document using highlighting. You can use it for online search, and for looking at specific documents.  We think that a lot … Continue reading

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Mentions of Freedom

 In this article, we look at mentions of freedom in some classic historical documents, and tease apart some concepts which can cause confusion. The illustration below shows what happens when you use Search Visualizer to show mentions of words relating … Continue reading

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Search Visualizer and patent searching

In some ways, patent searching has changed dramatically over the last hundred years. In other ways, it’s still exactly the same as it was a century ago. The most obvious change is in the speed of online searching. You can … Continue reading

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Searching for Smiths

 A classic problem in online search is finding someone who has a common first name and a common surname, like James Smith or Jane Jones. If you’re using ordinary search engines, there are several options you can try, but they’re … Continue reading

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