Blog updates about the Voynich Manuscript

By Gordon Rugg

I’ve posted a couple of new articles about the Voynich Manuscript on the Hyde and Rugg blog site.

One is a detailed discussion of mistakes and misunderstandings in the Montemurro and Zanette article about the Voynich Manuscript:

The other is about how complex results can come from very simple processes, and may occur accidentally, with particular reference to the Voynich Manuscript:

I’ll add another article at some point about other statistical issues relating to the Voynich Manuscript and the hoax hypothesis.


About searchvisualizer

We welcome debate and disagreement, but not abuse, trolling or thread derailment. We reserve the time-honoured right of blog owners and moderators to be arbitrary, capricious and autocratic in our wielding of the ban hammer. Gordon Rugg is a former timberyard worker, archaeologist and English lecturer who ended up in computer science via psychology. He’s the same Gordon Rugg who did the Voynich Manuscript work, and the books with Marian Petre about research. He’s co-inventor of the Search Visualizer.
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