Search Visualizer

is software that helps you to find relevant information by showing where your chosen keywords occur within a document by highlighting them in colour. This helps you find relevant records on an online search, or find information within a chosen document much more quickly, since the human brain can process a picture faster than it can scan through text. It is very powerful, and you can try it out for free at www.searchvisualizer.com
 This blog is to promote the work of the Search Visualizer team and our products, and show how they can help you. We welcome debate and disagreement, but not abuse, trolling or thread derailment.  We reserve the time-honoured right of blog owners and moderators to be arbitrary, capricious and autocratic in our wielding of the ban hammer.

About the bloggers

 Gordon Rugg is a former timberyard worker, archaeologist and English lecturer who ended up in computer science via psychology. He’s the same Gordon Rugg who did the Voynich Manuscript work, and the books with Marian Petre about research. He’s co-inventor of the Search Visualizer.


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