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We welcome debate and disagreement, but not abuse, trolling or thread derailment. We reserve the time-honoured right of blog owners and moderators to be arbitrary, capricious and autocratic in our wielding of the ban hammer. Gordon Rugg is a former timberyard worker, archaeologist and English lecturer who ended up in computer science via psychology. He’s the same Gordon Rugg who did the Voynich Manuscript work, and the books with Marian Petre about research. He’s co-inventor of the Search Visualizer.

Genesis update

By Gordon Rugg There’s a new article by David Musgrave and myself about textual analysis of ancient texts here: It’s an expanded version of our previous articles on the topic, including our presentation at the ASOR2012 conference. Advertisements

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The Voynich Manuscript: Why should anybody care?

By Gordon Rugg It’s a valid question. Why should anyone care about an undeciphered hand-written manuscript that almost certainly contains nothing more interesting than mediaeval recipes? There are various answers. One is simple curiosity. Another is the challenge: millions of … Continue reading

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New book: Blind Spot

By Gordon Rugg My latest book was published on April 30th. Blind Spot is the story of an ambitious idea. I wanted to develop a method to spot where experts go wrong when tackling difficult problems. What happened next includes: … Continue reading

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Visualizing textual structures in the Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich Manuscript has been described as the most mysterious book in the world. It’s a book written in a unique script, illustrated with images which are a mixture of the ordinary and the bizarre. It’s never been deciphered. This … Continue reading

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St Patrick’s Day special: The Irish Iliad

As Irish readers will know, Greece isn’t the only country to have national epics; Ireland also has its share of great ancient epics, one of which is informally known as “The Irish Iliad”. It’s not as widely known as it … Continue reading

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Using Search Visualizer for your own searches, plus some background story

We’ve put soft copies of several books of the Bible, plus several Shakespeare plays, and some archival material from the American Civil War, onto the SV site. They’re useful for learning how to use Search Visualizer to search for information … Continue reading

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The “Genesis death sandwich” story

There’s been a fair amount of media coverage of our work on textual structures in Genesis, with most of that coverage picking up on the informal name of “the Genesis death sandwich” and with a suggestion that it would make … Continue reading

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