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The Montemurro and Zanette Voynich paper: summary and update

By Gordon Rugg Researchers in various relevant disciplines have started writing about the M&Z paper. The responses I’ve seen so far vary from sceptical to scathing, as described below. I’m planning to hand over to the specialists from other fields, … Continue reading

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The Montemurro and Zanette paper on the Voynich Manuscript

By Gordon Rugg There’s a new article about the Voynich Manuscript, by Marcelo A. Montemurro & Damián H. Zanette, on PloS One: Keywords and co-occurrence patterns in the Voynich manuscript: an information-theoretic analysis. The article has some serious flaws. This … Continue reading

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The Voynich Manuscript: Why should anybody care?

By Gordon Rugg It’s a valid question. Why should anyone care about an undeciphered hand-written manuscript that almost certainly contains nothing more interesting than mediaeval recipes? There are various answers. One is simple curiosity. Another is the challenge: millions of … Continue reading

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